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The Fate of Fausto - A Painted Fable

There was once a man who believed he owned everything and set out to survey what was his.


Written by Oliver Jeffers
Published by Philomel & HarperCollins 2019

Guardian review                                                 

Publishers Weekly



“In an age of exquisite picture books, this is possibly the most beautiful of the year…”

– the guardian | the Observer

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“In Jeffers’s first book featuring lithography, a medium that reproduces the energy of his lines with startling vividness, dashes of violent pink, acid yellow, and Prussian blue punctuate expanses of white space. Boldly conceived and gracefully executed, Jeffers’s dark fable imagines what happens when desire leads to selfishness and self-destruction, and shows the merits of calm refusal in the face of dangerous individuals.” 

– Publishers weekly