Announcing Oliver Jeffers Stuff

We’re delighted to announce Oliver’s first line of apparel and collectibles with a launch at Parisian department store Collette and on Over the past year Oliver has collaborated with a small network of talented friends, together they worked to make a limited line of objects that we hope to be covetable — not disposable – with a commitment towards ethical manufacturing. Inspired by his picture-book, Once Upon an Alphabetthis line animates some of the memorable characters and visual elements of the work. The story of the Cup who falls from the cabinet comes to life as a set of porcelain mugs, a smiling "before" and a mournful "after". The apparel is largely inspired by Oliver’s signature typography, with the overarching concept that the 26 letters from A to Z are the building blocks of all the stories we tell. From vinyl collectables to functional sketch books, explore the whole range at and

New Ways of Seeing with Jerry Saltz

Oliver was happy to take part in New Ways of Seeing with Jerry Saltz, Kehinde Wiley and Shantell Martin.  Made with the help of Tiffany & Co and T Brand Studio for the Whitney Biennale. 

View it here.

Up Here Down There, by Oliver Jeffers and JR


Oliver collaborated on Up Here Down, a lithograph with good friend JR made for 99 The print depicts a leaping figure with a network of invented constellations in place of its head. The names of these constellations are influenced by working class neighborhoods in Belfast and Paris, Oliver and JR’s home cities.