20 questions with... Oliver Jeffers

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Oliver Jeffers is an Northern Irish artist, designer, illustrator and writer. Jeffers is most well-known for his picture books, especially Here We Are, his most recent publication. The work he produces varies from figurative painting, collage, installation and illustration and he is just about to launch, in April, his largest UK solo exhibition to date at the Lazinc Gallery, called Observations On Modern Life.

“Knowing where I am in relation to other things has always been fascinating to me," says Jeffers. "I suppose I’ve been blessed with an innate sense of direction and a curiosity to know my place. In recent years I have started taking political motivations for how maps have been drawn and turning them on their head, using the visual language of cartography as a means to make other social commentary. By making environmental, apolitical and sometimes humorous comments on maps and globes, I have been addressing issues I feel strongly about regarding how random maps are in the first place, how arbitrary the carving up of things and drawing of borders are.”

Observations On Modern Life is a showcase of approximately 50 of Jeffers' sculptural and collage work from the past decade. The exhibition will portray his engagement with contemporary life, presenting both the manic speed in which we live and society’s rapid consumption of information.