Doesn't Matter Globe , 2017

Doesn't Matter Globe, 2017



Knowing where I am in relation to other things has always been fascinating to me.  I suppose I’ve been blessed with an innate sense of direction, and a curiosity to know my place,  which led to an early love of cartography.  I first started making maps after an unsuccessful search for a world map large enough to fit my living room and my aesthetic;  it then occurred to me that I could make my own. 

While in the process of doing this, I thought of how through the ages maps have had political slants. European maps had a tendency to make Greenland much larger than it really was, and Africa much smaller, simply so Europe would appear prominently in the center. Maps that appeared in US classrooms severed a crack right through Russia and West Asia, just so North America would also appear at the forefront. In recent years I have been taking those political motivations for how maps have been drawn, and playing with them...turning them on their head, and using the visual language of cartography as a means to make other social commentary.


Map of Land and Sea , 2018

Map of Land and Sea, 2018


Planet Water , 2017

Planet Water, 2017

America First , 2018

America First, 2018

Doesn't Matter Globe , 2017

Doesn't Matter Globe, 2017

This Way Up , 2018

This Way Up, 2018

The Whole World , 2012

The Whole World, 2012

Everywhere on Earth , 2011

Everywhere on Earth, 2011

Planet Earth , 2014

Planet Earth, 2014