Lost at Stream , 2018

Lost at Stream, 2018



I would find these old paintings and prints and bring them back to studio, initially collecting them for their frames alone. It's amazing what people throw away in a city like New York. 

At first, I started simply reacting to these images as if each was the backdrop and someone had removed the action. I began "completing" them, reinserting an imagine center point of the painting. It was only after several of them that I realized they all had a theme in common, that on each I had painting the aftermath of some disaster or other.

A Point of Light in the Dark , 2012

A Point of Light in the Dark, 2012

Mission Accomplished,  2013

Mission Accomplished, 2013

New York's Drowning,  2012

New York's Drowning, 2012

Lost at Sand , 2014

Lost at Sand, 2014

Lost at Falls , 2011

Lost at Falls, 2011

Tragedy at Dawn , 2012

Tragedy at Dawn, 2012