Any tips for getting published?

I used the Writers & Artists Yearbook for contacts to send my work to. These people know what they are doing. Have a look over my answers to questions I am frequently asked, there's some info about how I first got published.

How do you balance your time between art and picture books?

That depends on the day / month / year.

Generally I make one or two picture book a year, illustrate one chapter book, and make a collection of paintings. Other projects (like some of the typographic and film projects) fit in and around this. Some years this changes, with the balance slanting toward one of them. Every day is different. Especially when I'm traveling for talks and events.

Picture books take anywhere between 1-2 months to 8-24 months (depending on the picture book) to make, where I'll often come and go between other projects.

Paintings are a little more unpredictable. I don't have a formula necessarily for making a painting, but rather, it looks right when it looks right. Sometimes this happens right away. Sometimes its months later. 

How do you divide your brain between art and picture books?

I don't. Not really. They both come from the same place but extend out in different directions. My picture books are about story telling, and my art is generally about question asking, though they are both about my trying to make sense of the world around me. 


Any advice for people starting out?

Work hard and be ok with hearing no as an answer.  
Be honest with yourself about your ability.  
If you really believe you are good enough, then you shouldn’t care what anyone else thinks about your work.  If it really is good enough, it will be seen for what it is.

Can I read/listen to some interviews?

Certainly, here is a selection:


NPR, All Things Considered, October 2014
GalleyCat, August 2014
~ Five Minutes with Franny, February, 2014
Never Underdressed, September, 2013
The Guardian, September 2013 
~ The Great Discontent, March 2013
~ Macleans, Canada, Jan 2013
National Post, Canada, Jan 2013
Its Nice That, Jan 2013
Artists & Illustrators Magazine, UK, Nov 2012
Design Mom, Nov 2012
The Telegraph, UK, April 2012, 2012
Gestalten, 2012
The Guardian, 2009

Articles I have written

The Guardian, Oliver Jeffers on Maurice Sendak, 14th Feb 2013
Huffington Post, Telling Stories and Asking Questions, Spetember 2013

Where can I get a signed book?

I'd like to take this opportunity to support my local bookshop, you can purchase a signed book from Books Of Wonder in New York.
Visit online or use their contact form.

I cannot accept books in the mail to sign and be returned. 
If you would like a book personalised check out where I will be on my events page.

Do you have activity sheets for teachers and parents?

I do infact, you can download them here:
~ Activity Sheet Download

Do you sell any prints or original artwork?

For original picture book art: 
       Chris Beetles Gallery, London

For original paintings: 
       Gestalten, Berlin &
       Lazarides, London

For prints visit:

Do you do events?

As much as I enjoy saying hello to everyone who enjoys my books, my workload means I can only undertake a few tours a year. 

Requests for events and book signings only (excluding US) please contact:
For all US event requests only please contact: