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Outsiders - Pulp

The Outsiders
77 Quayside, Newcastle, NE1 3ED

Featuring Jonathan Yeo, Invader, Ian Francis, Todd James, Billy Norrby, Mode 2, Mark Jenkins, Interesni Kazki, Brett Amory, Emma Richardson, Shepard Fairey, Know Hope, Sage Vaughn, Charlie Isoe, HUSH, and Oliver Jeffers.

Pulp is an exhibition featuring works on or involving paper by many of the Lazarides group's most sought-after artists. Some of the biggest names in urban art, such as Shepard "Obey" Fairey, will be showing at The Outsiders for the very first time. Though this being The Outsiders, alongside them we're also introducing some tremendously exciting new artists to the gallery.

Pulp will be a chance to see world-class portrait painter Jonathan Yeo's latest A-list celebrity paintings in the form of uniquely hand-finished prints. Visitors will also have the opportunity to see the art of other Lazarides superstars like InvaderOliver JeffersTodd James and Ian Francis from a new angle. Artists making their debuts include Billy Norrby, the man making fantasy art okay to like, Band of Skulls singer Emma Richardson, and white-hot Ukranian duo Interesni Kazki.

With sixteen artists participating, Pulp will be a major showcase for urban art fans from all over Europe and beyond.

Read the press release or view the available works.

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