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Thats Spanish for hello.
I trust you are all keeping well, and other than the brief Spanish lesson, here are other things I can inform you about:


Up and Down, the sequel to Lost and Found, is now available in the UK. It will be out in the USA this week and just after Christmas everywhere else if it isn't already. Meanwhile I am working ahead with the next book, and will be begining final art for it this month so it can be launched next Autumn. I don't want to give too much away just yet, other than it will be called Stuck, and involves some interesting techniques to solving a problem.

You may have already come across the promo for it, but we have just developed an iPad app for the Heart and the Bottle read by Helena Bonham Carter. It will available in the UK iTunes store imminently, and for the rest of the world, its on it's way. You can watch the promo for it here: Heart and the Bottle App.

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Weve been busy on the You and Me the Royal We front, One year in, and its growing strong, Mac, Aaron and I are having a great time thinking up cool stuffs that we would like to own, but that don't yet exist.
The map prints have been proving very popular, and now to sit along side them we have a beautiful limited editiion white ink on black paper version.

Also, excitingly, our newest product is a 2011 wall calendar. There are two handsome color options (thats American for colour) beautifully screenprinted on hand finished heavy paper, and are a whopping 44in x 30in, which is a lot of time for your money! We didn't print very many, so get them before they run out.



Its been a busy year for events and travel, and I want to thank all the amazing people I met in Dubai, Paris, LA, New York, Newcastle Upon Tyne, Dublin, Belfast, London, Santiago and Ballintoy. If you are passing through Newcatle Upon Tyne, the installation I made in Seven Stories will be up for a few months yet.

Early next year I will be hitting up a few major hubs in the USA. The details are being comfirmed so more info to follow soon.

7 Stories


If you want to order a print from my site so it reaches you before Christmas, the last post dates are:

6th Dec – Australia / Asia / South America
10th Dec – USA / Canada
15th Dec – Ireland / UK / Europe

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Have a very Merry Christmas and adios from sunny Chile,


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